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Minganie area

Eight coastal villages, eight places to discover, at the mouths of many rivers; some impetuous, some calm. Settled around majestic littorals, they almost seem like secret places. This side of the Minganie region, with its many populations, is enriched by the presence of the first nations, established alongside their two eponymous rivers, the Mingan, and the Natashquan.

Halfway across the Minganie, an Acadian community grew from the mining industry and a great hydro-electric project; Havre-Saint-Pierre (as well as Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan) is protected by the famous Mingan Archipelago, formed by glaciation-era tectonics movements.

This archipelago became more widely recognized when it was integrated in the national parks network, managed by Parks Canada. The islands host great unique limestone formations while, off the coast, you can see a great inviting mystery: Anticosti.

Flagship of the Gulf of the Saint-Lawrence, Anticosti Island holds another national park – this one provincial –  as well as a hidden side of the history that let the Saint-Lawrence river give birth to a country, and later, a continent.



This is Minganie and Anticosti Island, a single magnificent region, surrounding the Jacques-Cartier Strait, where fishing continues to play a big part in the local economy. And while it is an undeniably maritime region, the hinterlands are just as rich, visually (with the hiking trails leading us to waterfalls) and gustatorily (with its small wild fruits).

The accessibility to the region, the long beaches, and the rocky hills surrounding small hidden creeks and secret coves, all give the region its charm, as proven by the many who stayed here to build their own little world. The littoral spreads long and far, from the westernmost limit of the Minganie region, Rivière-au-Bouleau, to the Grande Natashquan river, eastern limit of the territory, and one of the great salmon rivers in the province of Quebec.

Everywhere on the land, conversation is most welcome with the locals, including members of the First Nations. Voyages Coste, being the North Shore specialist, allows you to observe the flora and fauna, and live new experiences in Minganie, this charming destination.

Immersed in the nature that forms the land, Voyages Coste is always ready to help you fully live the days you spend with us, with various plans for your stay and opportunities for authentic contacts in the nature, or with the locals; we will build you the perfect program, on land or at large, on the islands or watching the whales and other sea mammals.

In these programs, Voyages Coste includes its classic hikes and excursions, as well as meetings with important figures of the communities you visit, selected among our network of dedicated producer members.

Minganie holds nothing superfluous, no 5-star lodging, but fresh air, delightful meals, comfortable nights, nice people and strong experiences, allowing for a true change of scenery, and the discovery of a natural part of Quebec, out of the great city, and far from the daily routine. Voyages Coste hopes you enjoy discovering this amazing region.

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