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Mission and Values

The Cooperative for a Sustainable Tourism Environment (CoSte) organizes and markets tourism products for Minganie, Anticosti and the Lower North Shore while promoting the people and the region’s natural setting, by offering travellers exciting, dynamic, authentic and memorable experiences while maximizing the positive spin-offs within each participating community.

The agency wishes to transmit its values of respect of the customer, the employees, members, communities and the environment; authenticity in the products and the experiences proposed in concordance with the past and the reality of today for the territory and its inhabitants; and sharing of its knowledge and its wealth.

L'Agence De Voyages Coste

The main objective being to deliver quality tour packages and client satisfaction while promoting the region and contributing to its economic development (principles of sustainable development), CoSte expects the following medium-term impacts :

  • Social impact: highlight the people’s values, solidarity between visitors and locals, creation of quality employment opportunities, networking, knowledge, and experience sharing
  • Development of Innu – Quebec partnerships
  • Human capital: transfer of knowledge, training, development of entrepreneurship, enrichment of the region
  • Economic impact: maximize the economic benefits across the entire territory, new employment opportunities
  • Environmental impact (ecological capital): environmental awareness including ecological awareness in the municipalities
  • Impact on cultural capital: promote the creativity potential of artists, artisans, musicians and local storytellers; joint elaboration of cultural policies, and of living heritage  and built heritage preservation programs
  • Elaboration (and collaboration in the production) of training projects, of a school for the tourism and hotel industry (local chapter on the territory) dedicated to the first nations communities on the territory.

Our values essentially rest on the intrinsic details of sustainable development, as defined by the Québec government :

  • « health and quality of life »
  • « social solidarity and equity »
  • « environmental protection »
  • « economic efficiency »
  • « participation and commitment »
  • « access to knowledge »
  • « subsidiarity »
  • « partnership and cooperation »
  • « respect for the capacity of ecosystem support»
  • « protection of cultural heritage »
  • « preservation of the biodiversity »
  • « responsible production and consumption »
  • « polluter payer »
  • « cost internalization »