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Blanc-Sablon, Bonne-Espérance & Labrador Adventure

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Are you attracted to the maritime confines of Eastern Quebec? The Strait of Belle Isle, Blanc-Sablon and nearby Newfoundland Labrador are a curiosity for you?…

New program offered by Voyages Coste !

  • Departures : every day except Saturdays
  • Minimum : 4 people
  • Period: early June to mid-September

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Are you attracted to the maritime confines of Eastern Quebec? The Strait of Belle Isle, Blanc-Sablon and nearby Newfoundland Labrador are a curiosity for you? Indeed, they are places of attractive natural beauty, full of history; where the contacts between Europeans and the country’s natives began; gateway to the American continent in Kanata.

Voyages CoSte takes you there, to the eastern end of the province of Quebec, bordering the province of Newfoundland (its Labrador land border and the island itself, long known as the “Great Rock” across the Strait). We bring you to a place where the experiences and activities we consider must-see are all included in one package.

Our offer: to allow you to fly over, discover and navigate along hundreds of islands and, perhaps, depending on the season, to see, or even meet, icebergs, whales and observe many migratory birds. Let yourself be penetrated by the life that beats in this country, as told by the people of the region who, in French or in English (because we are in a region of covoisinage without counting the presence of the Innu who are also at home in this country), will inform you on many aspects of the human experience in this region.

From the air, to get there, you will have the chance, from the village of Natashquan, to fly over the Lower North Shore and be surprised by the hydrographic network of this long coastal region, seeing small communities scattered, some still isolated, here and there on this coastal strip that knows how to impress any visitor willing to make such discoveries straddling the 51st parallel of a maritime Quebec unsuspected by the majority of people who go there for the first time.

Here is a 5-day package with the “Coasters” (or “costiers”, a word borrowed from the old French spoken and written at the time when the Malouin, Jacques-Cartier, came in 1534 and 1535 to explore “ladicte coste du nort”, realizing that fishermen and whale hunters already had their seasonal settlement nearby; You will discover this in a place called Brest, a natural harbour that you will discover by driving to the municipality of Bonne-Espérance for an excursion and a report of the halieutic resources of the Gulf of St-Lawrence. You will also have the opportunity to venture out, on another day, with your rental car, on the Labrador side to the Red Bay National Historic Site.

At the rendezvous: welcome and diversity. A change of scenery guaranteed!


A program signed by Voyages CoSte, an experienced and duly accredited incoming agency dedicated to the North Shore of Quebec. The old French word “coste” translates in this case as “solidarity cooperative in fair tourism”. Your trip becomes a gesture of solidarity for the community as a client of a cooperative that creates jobs and supports regional development in northern tourism.

You get the Explore-Quebec discount for 4 of the 5 days of this package designed to get the maximum experience from your location on the Quebec side.


Hiking boots, rain gear, wool, windbreaker, binoculars, short and long pants, camera, batteries, flashlight, personal medication, sunglasses, pocket knife, one-day backpack.

What your package includes:

Air transportation from Natashquan to Blanc-sablon

Air transportation from Natashquan to Blanc-sablon

4 nights in a hotel with breakfast included

A scallop tasting session

The visits planned in the program

Ground transportation (rental car without mileage and insurance) at Blanc-Sablon

What your package does not include:

Sales taxes


Travel insurances

Handling of a suitcase

The contribution of $20 in support of theCooperative of Solidarity in Fair Tourism for the development of sustainable tourism

4 nights/ Minimum: 4 people
  • Departure Time
    Every day except Saturdays, early June to mid-September
  • Include
  • Not Included
    Taxes and fees
    Travel insurance
    Personal expenses

Day 1:

You will fly from Natashquan aboard an Air Liaison aircraft after having left your vehicle at the parking lot next to the terminal one hour before your departure. Note regarding accommodation and possible activities the day before your departure: Depending on availability [1] at Natahquan, we can include dinner and overnight stay the day before you fly out. Otherwise. You will have to leave early from your lodging, previously booked in Rivière-au-Tonnerre (base of our cooperative agency), or in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan or Havre-Saint-Pierre (always according to availability) to be at the Natashquan airport, one hour before the flight departure. Calculate a 3-hour drive from Rivière-au-Tonnerre. Otherwise, it normally takes between 115 minutes (from Havre-Saint-Pierre) to 140 minutes (from Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan). If you make the trip to Natashquan the day before or two days before your departure, make sure you have the road CD or the USB road key "Sur la route de Natashquan" (available for rent from Havre-Saint-Pierre) to enhance your trip for this last segment of the trip between Havre-Saint-Pierre and Natashquan. This is a much appreciated audio production intended for visitors driving on the 138 between these two municipalities. It should also be noted that there is no cell phone service on Route 138, except between Mingan (Ekuanitshit) and a few kilometers east of Havre-Saint-Pierre. The service is however available in Natashquan and Blanc-Sablon. The departure time from Natashquan on Air Liaison will be known in the days preceding the realization of this exceptional package you have requested. You should arrive at the terminal one hour in advance. Your car will be left at the terminal and will be waiting for you in the adjacent parking lot (while you are in the Blanc-Sablon and Labrador marine area). Today, you will leave the Middle North Shore, more precisely, the Minganie region, to literally go "down" from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the confines of the Lower North Shore, along the Strait of Belle Isle. Your flight allows you to fly over the charming little village of Kegaska (end of route 138 since 2013), to make a brief stopover in Romaine (Innu community of Unamen Shipu, the most populous east of Sept-Îles) and two others, one in Chevery (chief town of the municipality of Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-Saint-Laurent including 5 remote villages) and the other in Saint-Augustin (airport on the side of the aboriginal community of Pakua Shipi) You will see an exceptional territory that seems to be embroidered with granite thread on a background of fresh and salt water, forming a real lace. Finally, you will land in Blanc-Sablon (Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon): your destination from where you will travel on the last unconnected segment of route 138 and on route 510 (Labrador Coastal Drive) on the Labrador side before returning to the Middle North Shore. Your arrival in Blanc-Sablon is normally scheduled for early afternoon. You will be greeted by your French-speaking guide and you will take possession of your rental car for a transfer to your hotel. You will have a few hours in the afternoon with your host to discover his village and the surrounding communities (first photo safari), in order to get your bearings for the days to come. Your evening meal is free (restaurant on site in Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon). Lodging in a 2* hotel, breakfast included [1] The availability of lodging in Natashquan cannot be guaranteed due to an over-affluence of tourists in relation to the available lodging in the 2021 summer season. However, we will check for you if you wish to spend a certain number of hours "before or after your stay in BCN" in this Acadian cultural heritage village on the coast. The same goes for the excursion from Havre-Saint-Pierre and/or Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan in the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve.

Day 2 (on the Bonne-Espérance side):

Your breakfast at your hotel is included. With your rental car at your disposal since the day before, a good day awaits you on this second day. You will leave early in the morning after breakfast to go to the aquaculture farm "Rivages Grandir", a site of interest located in Salmon Bay (westbound). This segment of the 138 is impressive. You will have the opportunity, from various points, throughout this day spent mostly in Bonne Espérance to enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, its islands and islets. You will be expected at 8:30 am at Rivages Grandir, after about 40 km of driving. You will spend the morning with your hosts there. They have been developing this scallop farm for many years. You will be able to learn the ins and outs and visualize the breeding process. The site is also ideal for hiking. You will be invited to accompany your guide on a pontoon and walk on the rocks, no doubt enjoying anecdotes and facts that will be told to you by one or the other member of the couple formed by Clara-Ann and Philippe Labadie; anecdotes about life in this particular region of Québec maritime. The whole event will end with a substantial tasting that should delight the palate of seafood lovers at the stroke of noon. The afternoon begins as you continue a little further west. On the heights, a lookout (with interpretation panels) offers a beautiful view before descending to the next village and stopping at the Whiteley Museum, about 30 km further than Salmon Bay. You are expected at the museum at 1:00 pm. This is an interpretive facility that has been courageously developed over the years by the people of the area. It presents, among other things, an invention developed by an illustrious gentleman from New England (Massachusset): the cod trap. You will have a dessert and a good coffee, tea or other. We are here in Rivière-Saint-Paul, a village which, along with Vieux-Fort (a name that says a lot about the history of the region), make up the municipality of Bonne-Espérance. Garland Nadeau, a typical character of great hospitality and knowledge of his region, will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the local English language. Your new guide for the afternoon, Garland Nadeau, is now the captain to take you aboard a safe boat equipped with an outboard motor in which you will take your place to discover the archipelago of St. Paul's River, said to be the oldest village on the Lower North Shore, dating back to the French Regime. During your ride on the water, you will learn about the conflicts between the Innu and the Inuit in this very place and also about the port of Brest in America, while you contemplate the landscape and the numerous islands protecting the Bay. The site of the Whiteley family settlement will be indicated and explained to you, as well as a visit to the recently discovered Basque occupation site (only accessible by boat). Formerly known as the "Rivière aux Esquimaux", the Saint-Paul River is renowned for its salmon fishing. Wind-battered rocks, seabirds, seals and/or minke whales could be pointed out to you during your boat ride which, depending on the tides, could also take you upstream on the river. And if the weather permits, you could possibly cast a line to catch a few trout to cook on the grill as a snack because you will have to retrace your steps in the late afternoon to get back to your hotel in the Blanc-Sablon area, in time for a free dinner in the early evening. If time permits, it is recommended that you drive a little further west before returning to Blanc-Sablon. Indeed, if you are a history buff, a brief visit to the village of Vieux-Fort at the western end of the local section of highway 138 may be worthwhile as Vieux-Fort is said to have been the former trading post called "Brest" (just like the Breton town). The existence in Canada of a fishing port called Brest is attested to and cited many times in documents from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. We can easily imagine that it was Breton fishermen who named this old whaling hamlet; The place where Jacques Cartier, having stocked up on fresh water, food and wood, planted the first cross and then continued his voyage along the Newfoundland coast, exploring the Gaspé Peninsula and then rounding the eastern part of Anticosti Island (which he named Assumption Island), until he reached the strait which, on the northern side, bears his name today. All this before returning to France through the same Strait of Belle Isle by which he had arrived and cross the North Atlantic again. As for you, dear clients, we recommend that at the end of this region you stop, on your way back from St. Paul's River or Vieux-Fort, at the interpretation center of the quiet community of Middle Bay, closer to Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon. There you will have the opportunity (admission included in your package) to be welcomed and to learn more about the Basque whaling settlement that used to produce oil to light the streets and homes of Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. A craft store is also available in this community-developed interpretation site. Free dinner at the place of your choice before returning to your hotel room. Lodging in a 2* hotel, breakfast included

Day 3 (islands and archaeological site):

It goes without saying that the Voyages CoSte solidarity cooperative wishes those who take advantage of this package to enjoy beautiful sunny days throughout their stay in the Lower North Shore and its villages steeped in history. We know that the weather can vary, especially in these places where fog, high winds and rainy weather are equal parts calm and beautiful sunny days. The coasters (residents of the Lower North Shore) are also aware of this. We adapt to the weather conditions on land and at sea, so that you can make the most of your stay. This is why it was planned that days 3 and 4 (see below) be interchangeable in their sequences (decision to be taken [2] in agreement with the CoSte cooperative providers according to the latest forecasts at the time you will begin your voyage of discovery in this part of the country that was once considered Labrador at the time of Lower Canada and then Labrador in Quebec when Confederation was signed) We have planned, with all due consideration for the weather, that your second full day begin with a morning of rest in good weather to go for a walk around your lodging, walk on the Sentier de l'Astragale (summit of Mont Parent) and contemplate the landscape from the top of the elevation where the statue of the Virgin of Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon was erected. Let's consider this, for now, as the official program for this half day of free time while the other part of the day (afternoon of day 3 or 4) would be spent offshore, with the services of a tour provider chosen for its knowledge of the area and its equipment fully adapted to the type of excursion offered. As mentioned above, if the day was rainy and sunny weather was forecast for the next day, the day 4 program would be applicable for you, by arrangement, since some of the activities take place inside. Otherwise, the day 3 excursion (included in your package) will allow you to interpret the history of Blanc-Sablon (which Jacques Cartier dared to describe as the land that God gave to Cain < if he knew how much interest there is in the area today, he would not write the same thing...>; an excursion, therefore, that takes you out to sea on the surrounding islands with your accredited tour provider. Did you know that the first East-West flight over the North Atlantic ended up here, after the German plane, the Bremen, with 3 crew members on board, had to make an emergency landing on Greenly Island off the coast of Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon due to a lack of fuel? Having deviated from its route by several hundred kilometers (New York City being quite far away...), it was still a feat that was widely reported by the press of the time, which found all the means to send journalists on the spot. This was in 1928. On board the excursion boat, your local tour operator will take you to this island of the Bremen's forced landing and, facing Blanc-Sablon Bay, to Île-au-Bois. This last island is classified as a heritage site. It is characterized by concentric plateaus, steep coasts, coves and beaches. There is an archaeological site linked to intense and seasonal economic activities by the Basques, Bretons and Normans during the 17th and 18th centuries and in the 19th century by the Jersey fishermen. Several companies interested in cod fishing followed one another. Your tour operator will also offer you to go along the seabird sanctuary located on the cliffs of Ile-aux-Perroquets. Upon your return, your dinner (not included in the package) and your evening are free. Lodging in a 2* hotel, breakfast included [2] This will be done, at the appropriate time, by the CoSte team after having consulted the latest weather reports for the region and having agreed with the tour provider for that day or the next day (which will take place, in any case, according to the best possible conditions in terms of wind and desirable sunshine).

Day 4 (foray into Newfoundland Labrador):

Note: after the breakfast included in your package at your hotel, this day is at your expense and is not included in the Explore-Québec discounts except for the vehicle rental included in your package and the lodging at Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon. You are therefore invited to enter the territory of the neighbouring province on day 4 (or 3, according to the important note on day 3) where you can have your lunch and possibly your dinner in Labrador, in one or other of the establishments on your route (510). It is suggested that you visit the Red Bay National Site (Parks Canada) where the Basque whale hunt has been reconstructed and many artifacts preserved. Eventually, if you leave very early in the morning, you could drive further out for a few hours to Battle Harbour Island off the coast of Mary's Harbour; an island that could be called a museum island because of its highly developed interpretation of the cod fishery, with many buildings of varying use (such as the prison) judiciously preserved and skillfully presented with guides on site, just as in Red Bay. Reservations are highly recommended. Your return will take place in the early evening, at the latest, because your return flight to Natashquan is already scheduled for the next day. It is therefore time to prepare your luggage and get a good night's sleep at your hotel. Over the past few days, you will have had the opportunity to travel along the Strait of Belle Isle and enjoy the attractions, products and services on a very long stretch of Labrador and the Lower North Shore of Quebec. Accommodation in a 2* hotel including breakfast

Day 5 (return to Natashquan by air) [3]:

[3] Possibility to extend the stay or to go by sea and return by air. Customers interested in this package can consider spending more time on the Quebec territory by taking advantage of a package of 6 to 7 days instead of 4 nights / 5 days. (CONTACT US) Today is the day you turn in your rental car (which can normally be done at the airport). Your return flight is booked on this fifth day of the interesting basic package you took advantage of to get to know this maritime corner of Quebec that is certainly unique. After your breakfast (included with your lodging), depending on your departure time, you may or may not have a free period before handing over your vehicle and boarding the Air Liaison flight to Natashquan. Once again, depending on cloudy conditions, the view of the Lower North Shore from the air can be an important part of your trip to Northeastern Québec maritime. Your car is waiting for you at the terminal parking lot in Natashquan. The people of the solidarity cooperative, Voyages CoSte, will be happy to note your comments when you pass by the office of Rivière-au-Tonnerre on your return trip that it would be possible to carry out by the 138 while crossing of Godbout towards Matane to return by the Lower St. Lawrence insofar as you would have already traversed the totality of the road 138 since the city of Quebec or since Tadoussac at the time of your arrival. Voyages Coste. Website: www.voyagescoste.ca Phone (for any question): 1 (877) 573-2678