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From 4080$

per person

Snowmobiling on the The White Route of Lower-North-Shore, accompanied from a distance by Voyages COSTE and its members, ensures that you will live the winter experience of a unique region in complete tranquility.

PROGRAM (6 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS EXPEDITION ON THE WHITE ROAD) from February 24 to March 31, 2023 (Depending on trail conditions)!
The cost is: $4,080/ $2,880/pers (including accommodation tax) + taxes.

Explore Quebec offers a 35% discount (up to a maximum of $1,200)! This Explore Québec package is available to you thanks to financial support from the Ministry of Tourism.

Conditions apply.

All of these coastal villages, each with its own distinctive character, remain to be discovered by long-distance enthusiasts. Distant from each other, it should be noted that they are connected by land only in the cold season.

It is indeed here that the White Route takes all its value! And this is where Voyages CoSte, an agency specialized in this region of Quebec, comes in to offer you a 6 night/6 day snowmobile package on a trail marked and maintained by Transport-Quebec. Why do we do this? Because there is no road in other seasons, the white route is a way of opening up.

Over there, winter favors bonding!

Route Blanche
route blanche pont soir

Traveling 1000 kilometers by snowmobile is not an ordinary experience! It is an adventure… An expedition enriched by learning and by meeting the local people. The Coopérative de Solidarité en Tourisme Équitable will accompany you from a distance, taking care of you as a social economy enterprise from the area.

A memorable experience is offered to you, exchanges throughout your week and a satisfaction felt in front of the multiple steps taken. Finally, what can we say about the northern immensity that will be revealed to your eyes on thousands of acres of snow…!

What your package includes:

The flight from St-Hubert/Québec/Montréal to Sept-Îles (round trip)

Snowmobile rental-Category:Ski-Doo Expedition Ace 20 inches

Rental of one truck and one trailer for 2 snowmobiles

Accommodation in double occupancy on days 1, 3 and 6 when possible or in single occupancy on days 2, 4 and 5 all lunches and suppers included as well as dinner on day 4

Activities planned in the programme

Remote support by the specialist of the White Route at Voyages COSTE


What your package does not include:

Beverages and personal expenses

Cancellation insurance


Liability Insurance

Equipment: Boots, helmet and snowmobile clothing

The guide service available on request

Additional information

« Our agency is committed to respecting and enforcing all measures and guidelines issued by the Institut national de la santé publique du Québec, which are integrated into our Covid-19 response plan. The service providers used in the packages have also signed this commitment to comply with the health measures. It is our responsibility to ensure that the service providers are open at the time of the client’s trip. The agency reserves the right to modify the packages in the event of the closure or non-reopening of service providers initially included, by offering clients equivalent solutions. »

  • Departure
    from February 24 to March 31, 2023!
  • Include
  • Not Included
    Taxes and fees
    Travel insurance
    Personal expenses

Day 1: Montreal or Quebec City/Sept-Îles/Rivière-au-Tonnerre (122 KM)

Arrival in Sept-Îles on the flight of Pascan Aviation. You are welcomed by Voyages Coste at the local airport. Take possession of your rental vehicle, trailer and snowmobile. Depart from Sept-Îles by truck. We are heading towards Rivière-au-Tonnerre (1st segment of 122 km). Welcome to Rivière-au-Tonnerre. Evening meals and accommodation at Escale Lam Air 2* or Familia 2* depending on availability

Day 2: Rivière-au-Tonnerre/Kegaska/Harrington-Harbour (173 KM)

After a lunch with local flavours, you are ready to go back on route 138 to Kegaska (292KM) where you will take the White Route. You should plan to refuel when you arrive in Kegaska. After filling up with gas, you are riding your snowmobile on your way to the Great Seduction. There is still 191 KM to do before reaching the destination of the evening. This second day of travel is on a trail that is relatively well maintained by White Route attendants, allowing snowmobilers to ride at higher speeds. When you arrive in La Romaine, you must plan to refuel. A time-out for dinner is planned at the small lunch corner of the General Store. After refuelling, you are ready to go. You will drive east along Road 138 towards the airport. You will pass by the Innu reserve of Unamen Shipu. On your way you will see the intersection with the White Route heading east. You will continue your journey in an area where excess makes sense. We feel like we’re alone in the middle of nowhere. This will be done on lakes, rivers and mountains. La Romaine-Chevery (97 km) The journey from La Romaine to Chevery takes nearly 2.5 hours. There are splendid views of the St. Lawrence River. A little before your arrival in the village of Chevery you will see the sign that indicates your route to Harrington-Harbour, the most picturesque village of the Lower North Shore. After about ten kilometers, you have to turn right to take the fork towards Harrington-Harbour. A sign will tell you to turn to your right. You will pass on the sea. You have to be careful there because the trail continues to Tete-à-la-Baleine on the left. You will arrive on the northern flank of the island you will have to climb up to the tower and then down to the cemetery. You will have to go on the wooden sidewalks to the cottage. Jean’s boarding house 3* accommodation and supper Gas station to refuel Basse-Côte-Nord

Day 3: Harrington-Harbour/Blanc-Sablon (292 KM)

The journey time is approximately 8 hours so you need to leave early in the morning. You can have a good lunch at your accommodation (included) Plan dinner in St-Augustin. You can have a bite to eat at the local restaurant while you warm up or at the convenience store when you refuel. Harrington/Tete-à-la-Baleine (35 KM) Tête-à-la-Baleine/Mutton-Bay (29 KM) Mutton-Bay/La Tabatière (35 KM) La Tabatière/st-Augustin (58 KM) Arriving at the village of St-Augustin by continuing on the beacons you will arrive directly at the RMN convenience store (Gas station opened from 8am to 9pm). You could fill up with gas. There is also a small canteen at this convenience store. St-Augustin/Vieux Fort (88 KM) Refuel in St-Augustin before leaving. Arriving at Old Fort, it is necessary to plan to go to the village on the beacons. The beacons will lead you to the dock you will have to cross the path to connect with the beacons of the Municipality that will lead you to the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon. From Vieux-Fort to Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon (83 KM) in the mountains (panoramic view). However, if there is blowing snow, this course can be difficult since the terrain is steep. The snowmobile trail leads to the village of Blanc-Sablon. You have to be careful since you are expected to the village of Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon. The Hotel offers lunch. For your evening meal, you will be expected at the village restaurant. You can fill up at the local convenience store. It’s the same building as the restaurant. You can go there with your snowmobile. Accommodation at Hôtel Blanc-Sablon 3* or Auberge 4 seasons 3* depending on availability.

Day 4: Blanc-Sablon/Bonne-Espérance (83 KM)

Lunch at your accommodation. Departure to Rivière-St-Paul. Meeting with a CoStier. Visit of the Whiteley Museum. Dinner at the village restaurant and off-road expedition with your local certified guide in the Rivière-St-Paul archipelago. Return to the village of Rivière-St-Paul. Installation at your accommodation the Whiteley Inn 2*. Supper offered at the village restaurant. Evening Free.

Day 5: Bonne-Espérance/Tête à la Baleine (190 KM)

Lunch at your accommodation. Departure to Tête-à-la-Baleine (190KM). Free dinner on the road. Arrival at your destination of the day and installation at your hostel. Accommodation and supper at the Auberge de l'Archipel 2*

Day 6: Tête à la Baleine/Natashquan (254 KM)

Lunch at your accommodation. Guided tour of the Archipelago of Toutes-Iles with certified local guide (tourist attractions). Back to Natashquan. Plan a lunch which you can take on the road. You will arrive in Natashquan in the late afternoon. Installation at your accommodation either at the Auberge la Cache 3* or the Port d'Attache 2* depending on availability. Free evening.

Day 7 : Natashquan/Sept-Iles (432KM)

Lunch at your hostel. Check snowmobiles on the trailer before taking the 138 to Sept-Iles. A stop at our cooperative’s office is planned to talk to you about your experience. Your return flight to Montreal is scheduled for late afternoon. Total cost: $4,725 including taxes/pers A small group rate is available upon request. Additional full days (accommodation, meals and activities) can be added to allow for a more complete discovery of the region.