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Bella Desgagnés


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Discover the North Shore with us!

The Lower North Shore supply ship, the Bella Desgagnés, sails back and forth every week from Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon. Discover the coastal lifestyle of the North Shore as the Bella stops in the ports of Sept-Îles, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Natashquan, Kegaska, Blanc-Sablon, and unique villages on the Coast that are not connected to the road network.

Survey the rich sea life, meet with francophones, anglophones, Innu and Métis, taste local products, and explore the features of the main stopovers with a local guide who have put together interesting visits that give you a unique view into their daily lives.


The package includes :

Boarding fees and cabin prices for the N/M Bella Desgagnés



The package does not include :

A 20$ contribution in support of the Cooperative for a Sustainable Tourism Environment


Baggage handling fees

  • Departure
    From April 1, 2019 to January 12, 2020
  • Include
  • Not Included
    Taxes and fees
    Travel insurance
    Personal expenses

 From Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon (downstream)

  • - Stopover every Tuesday from 9:45 AM to 11 AM (approximate duration: 1h15)
  • - Guided walking tour of the city for groups of 2 to 15 persons
  • - 1-hour Excursion in French $17.40/person

Walk along the docks, facing the islands, with stops along the way to discover the chronological development of Sept-Îles through anecdotes, local particularities, interpretation panels and historical facts in order to learn all about our city!

  • - Stopover on Wednesday from 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM (approximate duration: 1h)
  • - Guided tour by bus (approximately 1 hr) $32.50/person
  • - Maximum of 21 persons

Discover the village where Gilles Vigneault grew up. You will see the famous site of the “Magasins du Galet” and breathe in the salty air between the church, the tourist welcome office, and the pedestrian walkway, all sites that are inaccessible by foot from the dock. A brief stop at the handicraft kiosk is also planned.

Harrington Harbour – “La Petite Séduction”
  • - Stopover on Thursday from 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM (approximate duration: 1h15)
  • - Guided walking tour of approximately one hour
  • - Rates:
    • Adult: $21.74,
    • Child (6 to 17 yrs old): $13.50,
    • 5 yrs old and under: Free
  • - Between 4 and 16 persons
  • - Excursion in English

Stroll along the wooden sidewalks of the village that fascinated Quebec in the movie “La Grande Séduction” (Seducing Dr. Lewis). Your local guide will show you some of the film locations as well as tell you about other sites such as the fish processing plant and the church. You will also have access to the interpretation centre “The Maison Rowsell” for a visit and to purchase some souvenirs.

Tête-à-la-Baleine by minibus
  • - Stopover on Thursday from noon 30 to 2:15 PM (approximate duration: 1h45)
  • - Guide tour by minibus of approximately two hours $35.65/person + tx
  • - 44 persons

Discover one of the three Francophone communities of the Lower-North-Shore and learn about daily life of the local residents. Your local guide will show you, among other things, the school, heliport, church and their fascinating first aid system. There are also a few planned stops along the 11km route, between the village and the dock, to enjoy the views of the water and the islands.

La Tabatière and Mutton Bay by minibus
  • - Stopover on Thursday between 4:45 PM and 6 PM (approximate duration: 1h15)
  • - Guide tour by minibus of approximately one hour $35.65/person + tx
  • - 44 persons - 2 minibus for 2020!
  • - Excursion in English

Join your local guide, and a young local student, aboard the minibus to learn more about this community of Aboriginal and Scottish origins. You will also have the chance to visit the picturesque little village of Mutton Bay, linked by road to La Tabatière.

Blanc-Sablon and the border of Labrador
  • - Stopover on Friday from 8 AM to 10:30 AM (approximate duration: 2h30)
  • - Guided tour by bus of approximately two hours $35.65/person
  • - 20 persons

Spend a morning in the easternmost portion of the province. Your local guide will take you to several areas such as the magnificent “chute de Brador”, the “sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes”, and to the border of Labrador. During peak season, you may also discover two small exhibits on the history of the region. You can also take advantage of this excursion to purchase some local souvenirs.

Blanc-Sablon and Bonne Espérance on… the forgotten 138
  • - Stopover on Friday from 6:30 AM to 11 AM
  • - A special 2.5 hour visit by automobile with a private guide $98/person
  • - 20 persons

Your private guide awaits your arrival in Blanc-Sablon to start a personalized tour as far as the village of Rivière-St-Paul. Heading west, a stop at the Middle Bay museum will allow you to familiarize yourself with the history of this region, made up of 5 different cultures, as illustrated by artifacts and images. You could also pick up some local handicrafts at that time.

Along this panoramic route, you can admire the subarctic marvels. Upon your arrival in Salmon Bay, a visit of the scallop farm facilities is offered by the owner. You will get a chance to savour the subtleties of this seafood.

You will end this special tour with a visit of the village of Rivière-Saint-Paul, situated in a calm bay, protected by a string of islands, close to the mouth of the river from which it derives its name, and that is recognized worldwide for its salmon fishing. There is a magnificent view from the belvedere at the entrance of the village.

Returning to the ship you will be able to fully enjoy the natural attractions of the region and make a few additional stops to take photographs.

Safari Photo Québec Labrador

Heritage and cultural excursion

  • - Stopover on Friday from 7:45 AM to 12:15 PM
  • - 2-hour long guided bus tour $77.41/person
  • - 18 persons

Join your guide for a bus tour that takes you from Blanc-Sablon to l’Anse-au-Clair, Forteau, English Point and Anse Amour, in Labrador. You will be taken to the Quebec-Labrador border, the Anse Amour heritage site, and the Pointe Amour Lighthouse, before going back to the Bella.

  From Blanc-Sablon to Rimouski (upstream)

La Romaine – Unamen Shipu
  • - Stopover on Saturday from 2:45 PM to 4 PM (approximate duration: 1h15)
  • - Guided tour by bus of approximately one hour $35.66/person
  • - 68 persons

Discover a part of aboriginal culture with a local guide who will talk about the history and modern-day living in this community of 1000 Innu and approximately 100 francophone Caucasians. Discover the lifestyle, inspired by their nomadic roots, and the local handicrafts.

Anticosti – Guided tour
  • - Stopover on Sunday from 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM (approximate duration: 1h15)
  • - Guide tour by minibus of approximately one hour $26.06/person
  • - Between 10 and 16 persons

Set out to discover the history of this island, 17 times larger than the Island of Montreal. See the foundation of the “Château Menier”, the commemorative plaque of Louis Jolliet, and the village handicrafts boutique. Learn about the islander lifestyle, while keeping your eyes open in case a white-tailed deer comes along to say hello.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there guided tours and excursions to the villages?

During the summer period, la Coopérative de solidarité en tourisme équitable (CoSte) organizes shore excursions for a fee. There are no reservations on board, so please reserve in advance by calling 1-877-573-2678.

You can also consult the list of excursions at the following address: https://coste.reservotron.com/coste-directory

Are the villages within walking distance?

Some villages are located a few kilometers from the ports and are therefore inaccessible on foot.
Here below, the distance from the port to the village / town:

  • - Rimouski : 3 km
  • - Sept-Îles : 0,2 km
  • - Port-Menier : 1 km
  • - Havre-St-Pierre : 0 km
  • - Natashquan : 1,1 km
  • - Kegaska : 1,3 km
  • - La Romaine : 2,1 km
  • - Harrington Harbour : 0 km
  • - Tête-à-la-Baleine : 9,1 km
  • - La Tabatière : 0,7 km
  • - St-Augustin : 10 km (inaccessible par la route)
  • - Blanc-Sablon : 3,2 km


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