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Conditions of

reservation and cancellation

Our conditions of reservation and cancellation

These conditions apply to transactions concluded with Voyages COSTE, and more specifically, the purchase of a travel package (group, all-inclusive or made-to measure) reserved through the co-op by phone, by e-mail or on line via the reservation website; the purchase of a travel insurance policy or a gift certificate. When both Voyages COSTE’s concelation policy and the supplier’s policy conflict, the more restrictive of the two policies will apply. Please read the policy carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Voyages COSTE holds a permit to operate a travel agency in Quebec. All clients making a travel reservation through Voyage COSTE is admissable for indemnity through Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agences de voyage (FICAV), according to conditions for claims established by the Office de la protection du consommateur.

Our conditions of reservation and cancellation

Published prices

Voyages COSTE’s prices, whether published on the web, in brochures or other promotional documents, are in Canadian Dollars.

The price and availability of travel packages published on the web are updated regularly. The price of made-to-measure and all-inclusive packages on Voyages COSTE’s website or brochures are valid at the moment they are published and subject to change according to the availability of products from each supplier.

Read the following general conditions carefully. Any registration in travel products offered by Voyages COSTE equals acceptance of all the conditions listed hereafter, which are an integral part of Voyages COSTES’s contractual obligations, as well as those of the traveller (term is defined below) and which govern the parties’ respective obligations.

For present purposes, the term ‘’Travel’’ includes, without limiting the general meaning of the preceding, any trip, circuit, cruise, package, program, itinerary, presentation, flight, lodging, vehicle rental, transportation, activity or show organised by Voyages COSTE, while the term ‘’Traveller’’ signifies any traveller, participant, passenger, individual, occupant or person participating in Travel. The masculine is used herein, but includes the feminine, all for the sole purpose of lightening the text.

Reservation of one or more product implies the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the general and particular conditions, as well as the responsabilities listed on Voyage COSTE’s website, in brochures or on suppliers’ websites. The Traveller must read them carefully and be sure to understand them or, contact one of our advisors before making the reservation. The general conditions on the webside will prevail for any change made to them after the publication of a brochure or publicity.

The Explore Québec program is available thanks to the financial support from the ministère du Tourisme; the package purchased must correspond to the minimal requirements of the ministère du Tourisme in order to qualify for and benefit from this program. This offer available for a limited time and the Government reserves the right to ammend or put an end to the program. Voyages COSTE has no control over this program.

In order to take part in the programs “Explore Québec sur la route”, the package purchased must be part of those selected and having the mention Explore-Québec in the package.


Unless otherwise indicated, all prices displayed are established per person, in Canadian dollars or according to the currency used when indicated, according to the price of the suppliers of tourist services, the exchange rate, the cost of fuel, taxes and other fees in force, when submitting and/or preparing the trips. Price updates may be made at any time, and without notice following the publication of the trips. Before making the reservation, it is advisable to validate if certain modifications have been made to the prices since their publication.

The prices shown are based on specific dates and are calculated to represent the cost of travel on the date shown. For any other date or different services to those mentioned in the call price, different prices may apply.

The prices of certain services are generated by the supplier’s reservation system and may change in real time depending on availability. The final price will be confirmed upon payment by credit card. Voyages COSTE disclaims all liability for price changes occurring before confirmation of the transaction.

Taxes and contribution

The prices do not include the Quebec Provincial Sales Tax (hereinafter “QST”) and the federal Goods and Services Tax (hereinafter “GST”). Depending on the trip, some other taxes such as accommodation taxes, may or may not be included; the Traveler should refer to the Detailed Program on the website to find out all the details.

The contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (CFCTA) is compulsory and is excluded from the prices. This amount will be added and indicated on the invoice.


Are excluded from the prices, all the services not detailed in the general conditions according to the quote, the Traveler’s invoice and the detailed program of the trip found on the website of the Solidarity Cooperative in Equitable Tourism (Voyages COSTE). If there is a discrepancy between the information and/or prices contained in an advertisement and that of a Detailed Program, the content of the Detailed Program and the price found on the website shall prevail.


Price adjustment

In accordance with the law, the prices indicated may increase following the imposition of a fuel surcharge by the carrier or an increase in the exchange rate. The Traveler therefore acknowledges that the price may be modified following the imposition of a fuel surcharge by the carrier or an increase in the exchange rate, insofar as, in the latter case, the applicable exchange rate 45 days before the date of purchase increased by more than 5%.

If the change results in a price increase of less than 7%, excluding GST and QST, the Traveler agrees to pay the difference. If the change results in a price increase equal to or greater than 7% of the price, excluding GST and QST, the Traveler may then choose between:

  • cancellation of the Trip and its contractual terms and full refund of the price;


  • acceptance of the replacement services offered if such services are offered by Voyages COSTE.

However, no change in the price can take place less than 30 days from the start of the Trip.


Any reduction in price, resulting from a promotion or a decision by Voyages COSTE or its suppliers, will only apply to new reservations.

Deposit and final payment

For all trips a deposit* per person is payable at the time of booking.

* Depending on the product or service purchased, certain payment terms may be different and full payment may be required at the time of booking.

River cruise in the North Shore and shore excursions

Unless otherwise stated, all cruise reservations and shore excursions are payable in full at time of confirmation.


Unless otherwise stated, any booking for an airline ticket is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable and must be accompanied by full payment before being confirmed.

Sépaq Anticosti Package:

50% deposit at time of booking and full payment (100%) 90 days before departure.

Self-drive tours, tours, packages and personalized stays

50% deposit at time of booking and full payment 49 days before departure.

As long as the required deposit has not been paid in full, Voyages COSTE will have no obligation towards the Traveler and no reservation will be made.

Final payment is due at least 49 days prior to departure or at the time of booking, depending on the trip chosen and the service provider. The exact date will be indicated on the invoice.

On-demand service

In the event that the requested service cannot be confirmed immediately and that Voyages COSTE must make a special request to its suppliers, the Traveler must give his credit card number as payment, and agree that payment will be taken from the latter if the product corresponds to the price and specifications agreed. No additional validation is required from Voyages COSTE if the requested services are no longer available.

Voyages COSTE will suggest equivalent services.

Failure to make full payment

In the event that final payment is scheduled and not received within the required time, the Traveler will be considered in default, and any reservations and/or purchases for which he is in default will be considered canceled by the Traveler. Voyages COSTE reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice or any recourse for the Traveler. The cancellation fees provided for in these terms and conditions will then apply without further notice or delay.

Payment methods

Several payment methods are accepted to facilitate the purchase of services:

  • Cash;
  • Cheque; note that an administration fee will be charged for processing an NSF cheque;
  • Interac e-Transfers (maximum $10,000.00);
  • Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard
  • Gift certificates or travel credits from Voyages COSTE.

Payment by credit card

The credit card must be held by one of the passengers making the reservation. By allowing the use of his credit card number, the customer agrees to respect the booking conditions The cardholder, having provided the information appearing on it, acknowledges the responsibility for payment of all passengers in the file.

Cancellation fees and change fees

In the event that the Traveller wishes to cancel or modify his purchase, he must contact a Voyage COSTE agent.

In the event of a cancellation, written notice will be required by Voyages COSTE and the date of cancellation will be the date of receipt of such written notice by Voyages COSTE. This notice will be used to calculate the cancellation fee required by the supplier. These cancellation fees vary depending on the provider and/or the type of services. The cancellation conditions are listed on the Traveler’s invoice, which constitutes the contract.

Changes to the Traveler’s reservation, including but not limited to: name, date or duration of travel, type or number of occupancy, destination, etc. may be considered a cancellation and subject to the supplier’s cancellation fee.

Voyages COSTE reserves the right to charge cancellation or additional change fees in addition to any other fees required by the service provider.


Change fees:

Any additional fare difference applicable will be at the expense of the Traveler.

Cancellation or modification policy:

Between the cancellation policy of Voyages COSTE and that of its suppliers, it is the most restrictive measure that applies.

The cancellation policy of trips booked with Voyages COSTE, in some cases, may reflect the cancellation conditions of our suppliers and partners. It is possible to ask your travel consultant for the cancellation policy for each service in your booking, if applicable.

For accompanied group travel, unless otherwise stated, prices are based on a minimum number of Travelers, as calculated at the time of pricing. In the event of an insufficient number of Travellers, Voyages COSTE and/or its suppliers reserve the right to cancel any tourist service booked and/or purchased. The Traveller will be notified as soon as possible and the responsibility of Voyages COSTE and/or its suppliers is limited to the reimbursement of the amount paid. The refund will be made to the payer, according to the original method of payment.

When the customer cancels, there will be a cancellation fee per person, depending on the service provider, the package and when the cancellation is requested. At all time, Voyages Coste recommands to its travellers to get a travel insurance.

Follwing is the policy of Voyages COSTE to this effect:

River cruise in the North Shore

In the event of cancellation 49 days or more prior to departure:
River cruises: a fee of 15% or $350 per passenger.

For cancellations 48 to 28 days prior to departure:
River cruises: A travel credit for 1 year or the possibility of changing the departure date (fee of 5% or $150 in both cases).

For cancellations less than 27 days prior to departure:
River cruises: No credit, no refund, no modification. We recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance.

Voyage COSTE is committed to offering excursions booked by customers. However, in the event of cancellation of an excursion for reasons beyond our control, Voyages COSTE and its suppliers assume no responsibility in the event of cause majeure (illness, accident, death of a relative, disruption of schedule, disaster, adverse weather conditions, etc.) or any other conditions beyond its control.

The total amount of the reservation is non-refundable, but should you need to cancel, in order to access a refund, please subscribe to the cancellation protection available in the last step of the reservation.

Voyages COSTE strongly recommends that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking.

Stays, tours, packages and self-drive ntours

When cancelled 49 days or more before the departure date:
For stays, tours, personalized packages and self-drive tours, a cancellation fee of $ 100 is applicable.

When there is cancellation 48 to 28 days before the departure date :
For stays, tours, packages and self-drive tours: A travel credit for a period of 1 year or the possibility to change the departure date. A fee of $ 150 is applicable in both cases).

When there is cancellation, 27 days or less before departure:
No refunds and no changes. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.


Sépaq Anticosti Packages :

Less than 90 days before the date of stay, Voyages Coste and its supplier refuse any modification or cancellation.

No refunds are possible.

In addition, Voyage Coste and its supplier assume no responsibility for any major cause (illness, accident, flight delay, disaster, death of a close relative), including flight delays due to bad weather or other conditions beyond their control. No refunds will be completed in the above circumstances.

We encourage you to take advantage of travel insurance when booking your Sépaq Anticosti package.

Air transport:

Less than 90 days before the flight, no changes or cancellations are possible. No refunds will be made unless otherwise specified by the air carrier. We recommend that you take out travel insurance.

Please note that a cancellation at Voyages COSTE must be made by email to your travel advisor.

In order to take advantage of our suppliers’ cancellation conditions, you must ensure that you have received a cancellation confirmation from your advisor within a reasonable time of our business days for the cancellation to be valid.

You will also need to return partially used or unused travel documents and vouchers to us with your refund request.

Airline and ferry tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to a third party.

Voyages COSTE cannot be held liable for damages caused by cancellation, change or modification, and no refund will be made to the Traveler for sums that cannot be recovered by Voyages COSTE or costs already incurred by Voyages COSTE.

Voyages COSTE undertakes to collaborate in good faith with the Traveler in order to enable him to obtain tourist services comparable to those that have been cancelled, changed or modified.

Photographs and images

All photos, images, videos or other types of illustrations are for illustrative purposes only. The actual tourist services may vary from the photos, images, videos or other types of reproductions presented, whether due to the different categories of services offered, availability, season, work, or any other cause.

Unused services

No refund will be made for any unused tourist service. If a Traveler has not been able to use a tourist service due to the fault of a supplier of COSTE Voyages or any other third party, the Traveler must exercise all his recourse against this third party directly, and to the exclusion of Voyages COSTE.

Proof of citizenship, immigration and government requirements

It is the responsibility of all Travelers, including children and infants if applicable, to obtain, at their own expense, any document required by government authorities for tourist services booked and/or purchased, including countries where stopovers will take place. All travelers (including children and infants) must have an individual ID. These documents may vary depending on an individual’s citizenship status, destination and particular circumstances. For travel to Canada, official photo identification is required. The passport is mandatory for all travel outside the country and must be valid for at least a few months beyond the date of exit; This validity varies depending on the country visited. The Traveler is responsible for contacting the government authorities of the country to be visited in order to receive final information on all required travel documents. Specific information is also available online at

Entry and exit formalities may change without notice, and Voyages COSTE cannot be held responsible for any changes relating thereto. The website contains up-to-date information on this subject. Voyages COSTE assumes no responsibility for passports, visas, authorizations and requirements, vaccinations, security and public health measures (such as, but not limited to, wearing a mask, quarantine restrictions, negative testing, passport or proof of vaccination), other travel documents, any other requirements or refusals of access, by the regions, provinces and countries visited, or the countries of stopover for entry and exit from the country.

All costs for obtaining the required evidence and documents are the responsibility of the Traveler.


Traveler’s liability

Travelers requiring special care, assistance, equipment or treatment must notify Voyages COSTE before purchasing or booking, since certain services must be booked in advance and certain tourist services may not be adapted or available according to the particular needs of a Traveler. Voyages COSTE also reserves the right to refuse any reservation or registration of one or more people, without having to provide any reason.

Voyages COSTE has no accreditation or competence for trips requiring special attention such as, but not limited to, visual, physical, psychological impairment or for any other specific need, and cannot accept the registration of the Traveler.

At the time of booking, the Traveler is responsible for notifying his travel consultant of any mobility challenge, precarious state of health, etc., so that the information is transmitted to the supplier, and cannot be guaranteed by Voyages COSTE because it is at the discretion of the tourist services provider and the final decision rests with them.

Voyages COSTE representatives (guide, companion, etc.) and their suppliers are not authorized to offer special care or assistance, and Voyages COSTE takes no responsibility for the transportation and management of the Traveler’s medications and devices.

Physical and psychological condition

The Traveler is solely responsible for assessing his physical or psychological condition to ensure that he can participate safely and is autonomous enough to participate in the various tourist services.


The Traveler is responsible for providing a sufficient quantity of all necessary medications during the tourist services, and for transporting them with him at all times. It is the Traveler’s responsibility to have all the documentation required to transport prescription medications.

Special requests or needs.

Any request or special need such as a specific floor number, a view, a specific power supply, an extra bed, a fridge, etc. must be mentioned at the time of booking.

Voyages COSTE will make the request to the service providers but cannot guarantee it since the final decision is theirs. Additional fees may be required and are payable directly on site or prior to departure.

Allergies and intolerances

The Traveler is responsible for notifying his travel consultant, at the time of booking or as soon as possible, of any allergies, intolerances, specific diets, etc., so that the information can be transmitted to the supplier, but without guaranteeing them since the final decision rests with the service provider.


Pregnant women

Some destinations may have specific risks for pregnant women, those who may become pregnant or for their unborn child. In addition, some restrictions may apply to pregnant women. It is the responsibility of the Traveler to inform himself of the specific risks and restrictions. Voyages COSTE will not assume any responsibility for such risks, and it is up to the Traveler to take the necessary precautions. It is also the responsibility of the Traveler to declare any pregnancy to Voyages COSTE.

Official Notice

Voyages COSTE cannot be held responsible if a Traveler decides to travel despite an official notice from the Canadian government or any other official advice advising against all non-essential travel outside the country, and there will be no refund possible by Voyages COSTE.


Any Traveler who registers for a trip of Voyages COSTE, accepts the conditions and policies of Voyages COSTE and/or the service provider. In the event that a Traveler has (1) a prejudicial or problematic condition, (2) a prejudicial conduct, or (3) inappropriate conduct towards representatives and employees of Voyages COSTE, other Travelers and users, service or goods providers, representatives of service providers or goods or any third party, the Traveler may be expelled from any tourist service or any Group Trip, or by a representative of Voyages COSTE and/or a representative of the service provider, without any prior notice if the seriousness of the actions or the situation justifies it. The expelled Traveler shall not be entitled to any reimbursement by Voyages COSTE or the service provider and shall be solely responsible for all costs incurred by his conduct or condition, including the costs of transport, subsistence and additional accommodation for his stay or repatriation.

Denial of Service

Voyages COSTE and the providers of tourist services may refuse to provide a service to any traveler who, in particular:

  • Does not show up at the time required to be able to benefit from the service;
  • Endangers public safety, in the opinion of the benefit provider;
  • May incur a risk to himself or to third parties by participating, and could jeopardize the smooth running of a tourist service;
  • Does not have the documents required to benefit from a tourist service or whose documents are non-compliant;
  • Carries non-compliant baggage, any object, property, or any prohibited or regulated substance;
  • Contravenes or appears to contravene an applicable standard, regulation or legislation or has not paid the total costs of the tourist services.

The Traveler will not be entitled to any refund if a tourist service is refused for any of the aforementioned reasons.


Travel insurance

In order to travel with peace of mind, Voyages COSTE recommends that the Traveler take out insurance covering the risks before, during and after the trip, for any trip outside his place of residence; It is possible to obtain them from one of our advisors or a travel agent. Voyages COSTE declines all responsibility towards any Traveler without travel insurance.

If the Traveler has insurance with his credit card or any other personal insurance, it is his responsibility to check the conditions and amounts of coverage as well as the number of days covered and, if necessary, to take out additional insurance.

Exclusion of liability

Voyages COSTE holds a Québec travel agent permit and acts in this capacity with the suppliers of tourist services whose services make up the services booked and/or acquired by the Voyages COSTE Traveler.

Although Voyages COSTE chooses its suppliers carefully, it has no control over them and, consequently, Voyages COSTE cannot be held responsible for their omissions, their acts, those of their representatives, employees, subcontractors or agents, nor for any loss of any nature whatsoever that may result.

The services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of these service providers, and their liability is limited to the applicable fares, conditions of carriage, tickets, vouchers, international conventions and agreements. The terms of this section also benefit agents, agents and employees of Voyages COSTE.

The obligations of Voyages COSTE are limited to taking the necessary measures to ensure that the tourist services booked and/or acquired are available to the Traveler.

The Traveler shall not be entitled to any claim, reimbursement and/or compensation for losses, expenses, damages, disturbances, troubles, accidents, deaths, delays, cancellations, changes, loss of pleasure or enjoyment, unavailability, illness, injury, annoyance, disappointment, anxiety, frustration or other inconvenience, whether material, psychological or physical, resulting from:

  • An act or omission of a third party, including tourism service providers;
  • An illness or theft;
  • The fact that a Traveler does not have the required documents, including passport, visa, when necessary;
  • Force majeure;
  • The fact that a Traveler does not meet the physical or psychological conditions necessary for the tourist services;
  • The fact that a Traveler is refused access to a tourist service by the tourist service provider;
  • The fact that a Traveler is denied access to a tourist service, place, event or other by government authorities;
  • The fact that a Traveler has not followed the instructions given and conditions required to benefit from a tourist service;
  • The cancellation by Voyages COSTE, for any reason whatsoever, of the services booked and /or acquired, the liability in such circumstances of Voyages COSTE being limited to the sole reimbursement of the services booked and paid to Voyages COSTE by the Traveler;
  • A cancellation, change or modification of tourist services for an unusual and/or unforeseeable reason, such as force majeure including, but not limited to: accidents, illness, epidemic, pandemic, war, political event, riot, act of terrorism, fire, flood, storm, hurricane, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, earthquake, mechanical breakdown, labour dispute, decision of a governmental or legislative authority, bankruptcy (including the bankruptcy of a supplier), disappearance or closure of a supplier and any other event beyond the control of Voyages COSTE, and which could disrupt the operations of Voyages COSTE or the services of its service providers.

Complaint Resolution

It is the responsibility of the Traveler to immediately notify Voyages COSTE when a problem arises with regard to tourist services. The Traveler must allow Voyages COSTE to bring an immediate solution or as soon as possible to the problem, when possible, by contacting the Voyages COSTE representative on site or by telephone at 1-877-573-2678 or by email at

Complaints will only be considered if Voyages COSTE has not been able to solve the problem on site, during the execution of the tourist services, despite its interventions. No other complaint or claim will be considered.

In any case, the liability of COSTE Voyages is specifically limited to the price of the trip. Any Traveler who believes he has a claim against Voyages COSTE or a third party in connection with the performance of the tourist services must, within fourteen (14) days following the end of the tourist services, send a written complaint, detailed, by email to or by mail, by registered mail to Voyages COSTE, C.P. 39, 454, Jacques-Cartier, Rivière-au-Tonnerre (Québec), G0G 2L0. Voyages COSTE will follow up as soon as possible.

Please note that the suppliers of Voyages COSTE each have their own policy regarding damages suffered during tourist services. It is the responsibility of the Traveler to take the necessary steps to forward complaints or claims to suppliers within the time limits and conditions required by them.

Tourist services paid for, but not received, could be reimbursed by the Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages. It is administered by the Office de la protection du consommateur. This is financial protection for the Traveler. For more information


Voyages COSTE or the service provider may allow in certain circumstances, and in order to accommodate a Traveler, to make certain changes to the Traveler’s tourist services.

Any request for change or modification must be made in writing, to Voyages COSTE rather than to the service provider. Modifications not authorized by Voyages COSTE will remain entirely the responsibility of the Traveler without being able to obtain reimbursement of the services from which he would not have benefited because of these modifications. If the trip is interrupted, there will be no possible compensation.

To the extent that such a modification is not permitted, and a Traveler decides not to use the tourist services, cancellation fees will apply.

Activities not included

Voyages COSTE assumes no responsibility for the quality and safety of activities (such as excursions, optional visits, little extras and others) available at the destination to which the Traveler may wish to participate, and are not part of its Trip, or in relation to any representation that may be made by the Supplier for such activities.

Travel documents

Travel documents will be sent no later than 10 days before the date of departure, provided that full payment is received.

It is the responsibility of the Traveler to ensure that all documents are in accordance with the reservation and that the names are identical to the official travel documents.


Voyages COSTE will constitute a file in which will be recorded, in a secure and confidential manner, the contact details of the Traveler and the information concerning the services sold and provided by Voyages COSTE. The information contained in this file will be transmitted for the purpose of managing the file in order to ensure the quality of the services provided. For this purpose, Voyages COSTE may contact the Traveler to follow up on his trip.


These are governed by the laws applicable in the province of Quebec.

Image rights

By participating in a trip of Voyages COSTE, the Traveler authorizes Voyages COSTE to use his photo for specific purposes of use and publication on social media, in printed or electronic documents, brochures, corporate documents, promotional tools, magazines, websites and other documents of the same nature, and this, in a professional context. The Traveler must formally notify Voyages COSTE if he refuses to appear in the aforementioned publications of Voyages COSTE.


In most countries, tips represent an important part of the remuneration of certain trades that are the basis of the tourist trade. They reflect the satisfaction of the Traveler according to the services received throughout the stay. By no means mandatory, except for cruises, and at the sole discretion of the Traveler, they are not included, but are always well appreciated. Precise information on this subject will be indicated in the travel documents.

Place of departure of the guide, guide, driver and private driver

For some trips, excursions and activities, the place of departure may vary. It is the responsibility of the Traveler to arrive sufficiently before the time, and at the place that will be confirmed in the travel documents.

Mistakes, errors and availability

Voyages COSTE and its suppliers reserve the right to refuse, correct or cancel a reservation and/or the purchase of a tourist service, in the event of a printing error, an error or a lack of availability. The availability and prices of the services are validated only at the time of confirmation of payment.