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The Voyages Coste Solidarity Cooperative

The cooperative for sustainable tourism environment (Coste) markets and organizes the Minganie and Lower-North-Shore regions’ tourism supply, emphasizing the human and natural environment and allowing visitors to experience a dynamic, authentic and memorable time in the region, while ensuring it benefits the North Shore communities.

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Tadoussac, Essipit, Baie-Comeau, Sept-Iles, Rivière-Au-Tonnerre, Natashquan, les Îles Mingan, Anticosti, Blanc-Sablon, Harrington Harbour, Havre St-Pierre, and more... are waiting for you. Feel the essence of these parts, at your own pace, and discover the strong culture, unique landscapes, and varied ecosystem, with Voyages Coste.

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Travelling on the Bella Desgagnés and want a visit to the Lower North Shore villages?

Stay at L’Escale Lam-Air in Rivière-au-Tonnerre!

Express Anticosti from Rivière-au-Tonnerre to Port-Menier!

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Voyages Coste in a few words

Jacques Cartier would not feel too out of place if he were to visit the North shore today; the nature and landscape are almost untouched. He would call it La Coste, a long coast, composed of thousands of small islands, and now dozens of villages scattered all along.

L'Agence De Voyages Coste

You are now invited to come live with us in this forgotten land, for as long as you want or can, and meet people from these coastal communities, whether they are Francophone, Anglophone, Innu or Métis.

L'Agence De Voyages Coste

Voyages Coste, is a cooperative for sustainable tourism and a travel agency, and represents over 180 organisms and businesses from the region.

North Shore Specialists

Voyages Coste agents are North Shore specialists, from Tadoussac to Blanc-Sablon. We live here, and it’s our families, friends and neighbours who will greet you in this already welcoming region.

An invitation to discover

The North Shore is, among other things, Havre-Saint-Pierre and the Mingan Archipelago, Natashquan and Gilles Vigneault, Anticosti, its tens of thousands of deers and the Vauréal Falls, Harrington Harbour and its wooden sidewalks, Blanc-Sablon, its icebergs and northern lights. But above all else, the North Shore is its people: Innu, Francophone and Anglophone from various founding families. We call them “Coasters”, the down-to-earth people who will charm you with their love of the territory. Come and enjoy the memories of a region, breathe in the sea air while strolling along the beaches, observe the thousands of birds, whales and dolphins. In short, it’s an invitation to discover, across a new frontier that will change you!

Make new memories

Tadoussac, Essipit, Baie-Comeau, Sept-Îles, Natashquan, Mingan, Anticosti, Blanc-Sablon, Harrington Harbour, Havre-Saint-Pierre… as many names as there are things to experience during your stay. And Voyages Coste will be your partner for all of it!

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