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About Us


The creation of CoSte is the result of a discussion between local people.

Voyages CoSte was born in 2006 in Natashquan, village of the well-known poet Gilles Vigneault, during a forum during which it was decided that the cooperative approach would allow the community to better coordinate and articulate a profitable offer, whether for visitors or for the community itself.

La Coste

Our offer

The cooperative agency for solidarity in fair tourism (la Coste) organizes and markets the tourist offer of Minganie and the Lower North Shore by highlighting the natural and human environment, by providing travelers with lively experiences , dynamic, authentic and memorable while maximizing positive impacts for communities.

La Coste


The agency wishes to transmit the values ​​of respect as much towards its clients as its employees, its members, the communities of the territory and the environment; authenticity in the products and experiences offered in accordance with the past and the current reality of the territory and its inhabitants and the sharing of knowledge and wealth.

Prizes and acknowledgements

La CoSte benefits from the support of the Quebec Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Exportation, the local development centers of Minganie and the Lower North Shore, the Regional Conference of Elected Côte-Nord and Emploi-Québec.

Everyone sees in this community-based initiative a company that, over the years, could become a model of collective development and support for the populations of northern Quebec.

On the other hand, many Canadian incoming agencies consider that CoSte opens the doors, in an original and respectful way, to a vast, little-known territory which, otherwise, remained difficult to access or poorly equipped, in terms of hassle-free travel possibilities, while the experiential aspect of the packages CoSte is highlighted, thus agreeing with the trend specific to the new type of traveler, in search of experiences.

  • Voyages Coste received the award for the 2012 regional portion of the Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois;
  • Voyages Coste received the Bronze award for Touristic services for the national 2012 Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois;